Characteristics of Successful Schools

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Characteristics of Successful Schools

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Chapter One - What Are the Characteristics of Successful Schools?
  1. Overview
  2. Vision
  3. Leadership
  4. High Academic Standards
  5. Standards of the Heart
  6. Family, School, and Community Partnerships
  7. Professional Development
  8. Evidence of Success
  9. Bibliography of Research

Chapter Two - Where Are We Now?
  1. Overview
  2. Vision: A Common Understanding of Goals, Principles, and Expectations For Everyone in the Learning Community
  3. Leadership: A Group of Individuals Dedicated to Helping the Learning Community Reach Its Vision
  4. High Academic Standards: A description of What Students Need to Know and Be Able to Do
  1. Standards of the Heart: Helping All Within the  Learning Community Become Caring, Contributing, Productive, and Responsible Citizens
  2. Family, School, and Community Partnerships: Planning Activities That Ultimately Improve Student Learning
  3. Professional Development: Consistent, Meaningful Opportunities for Adults in the School Setting to Engage in Continuous Learning
  4. Evidence of Success: Collection and Analyzing Data About Students
Chapter Three - How Do We Bring It All Together?
  1. Overview
  2. A Process for Creating and Sustaining a Successful School
Chapter Four - Appendixes
  1. Selected Resources
  2. Wisconsin Equity Framework
  3. Implementation Report



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